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Subaru 60k Mile Service


Fluid degradation depends on your drive style. The plans include all normal maintenance as recommended by their.

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Inspect and adjust all drive belts to factory specifications.

Subaru 60k mile service. Yes, but the dilemma is partly due to the fact that the manufacturers know that their dealerships depend heavily on service revenue so they have an incentive to load up the mileage based service portfolio. Replace engine oil, filter and drain plug washer. If i recall, the part itself was $75.

Like subaru 30k mile service, subaru 60k mile service includes replacing the spark plugs, changing the oil and filter (including engine air and cabin air), checking and inspecting the full system, balancing the tires, and also inducting the engine fuel. Change fuel filter (if applicable) (2.5l and svx at 60k and 120k) check engine computer for fault codes; Check brake, steering and suspension system.

Let me copy and paste my requested service when i got my 60k mile service done. The subaru dealer is adamant it needs plugs and wants an. All subaru boxer engines vehicle kilometres service needed 10,000 or 6 months a 20,000 or 12 months b 30,000 or 18 months a 40,000 or 24 months b 50,000 or 30 months a 60,000 or 36 months c 70,000 or 42 months a 80,000 or 48 months b 90,000 or 54 months a 100,000 or 60 months d 110,000 or 66 months a 120,000 or 72 months c 130,000 or 78 months a 140,000 or 84 months b 150,000 or.

Subaru offers owners the chance to lock down the costs of vehicle servicing through their “added security maintenance plans.”. Always make sure you choose a subaru authorized dealer that. Perform induction and intake service;

Subaru considers the diff and trans fluids to be inspect at 60k but the diff fluids for sure will look pretty gross by 60k if you didn't do it at 30k. = $32.85 total = $48.80 flush and replace engine coolant So the belt, right away i don't see a need to replace that.

Please tell me if there is something i actually need to do. 60,000 mile subaru recommended service. That subaru 60k mile maintenance is pretty extensive.

The spark plugs either (plus they're probably those platinum tipped expensive ones). Keep your subaru in perfect condition by following this. Subaru recommends maintenance at 30k/60k/90k miles for your car.

Whenever you have a question about 60k mile service or any other auto repair issue, contact your friend in the auto industry, central avenue automotive in kent, wa. The fuel filter can be rather costly as they have to remove the rear seat to replace the filter. There are youtube vids up of people doing it themselves, ill be checking those out.

60,000 mile subaru service schedule at san bernardino subaru near los angeles. Perform at 60,000 miles, 120,000 miles, etc. The 60,000 mile service is largely a repeat of the 30,000 mile service.

Easiest thing is to check the maintenance schedule that came with your owners manual. Install platinum spark plugs (2.5l and svx at 60k, 120k) if plugs replaced, check and set timing and test emissions; Everything else is just opinion.

Manual does say 60k miles or 60 months, whatever comes first. Subaru 60,000 mile major service at hanson subaru near hawks prairie, wa, in olympia. Once your subaru hits 60k miles, you should schedule your 2nd major service appointment.

The cost for a 60,000 mile subaru service can start around $325, depending on your specific vehicle make and model. This is the time to again take a look at all of the brakes, and look through the normal things that time and normal driving can knock our of whack. Our outback is soon due for it 60,000 mile service.

Do not miss the 60,000 mile service at carr subaru in beaverton, or. 6 years / 60,000 mile service. The quoted me almost $800.

For subaru cars, you will need to service them for every 30k miles (or for every 30 months). Another subaru recommended service item for 60k miles (normal driving conditions) is replacement of the fuel filter. These mile recommendations are not just wild guesses in the dark, these are the best times to service specific parts based on subaru’s experience.

Here's the factory recommended maintenance, starting as low as $464.95. Just called the subaru dealer for a 60,000 miles service. 6 years / 60,000 mile service sign in to follow this.

Diff oil front $130 diff oil rear $120 brake flush $115 spsrkplugs $290 throttle body & induction service $330 Clean throttle assembly and linkage; 60,000 subaru scheduled maintenance service in redwood city.

I have a 62 plate with 33k miles. At 90,000 (90k) miles, certain parts of your vehicle need inspection or replacement. Here's an idea what it should look like:

What needs to be done on the service.

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